Understand Your Lens Coating Options And Buying Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Most nearsighted and farsighted people need single-vision lenses, which have only one corrective power. Single vision lenses are also used to for reading glasses, to correct presbyopia (when you have trouble focusing on objects at a close range.)

Multifocal lenses have two or more different corrective powers. Learn more about bi-focals and progressive lenses . Get free information on how to choose the best eyewear for you from the expert opticians at FramesDirect.com!

You've picked your frames and lenses. There's just one choice left to make; your lens add-ons. So what lens features will you need to upgrade your sight?

  1. UV Protection is a clear coating that blocks the sun's harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes. UV protection is so important that we automatically include it with your order.

  2. Duraclear premium Anti-Reflective (AR) coating eliminates the glare on the front and back of your lenses. AR is a must-have on any pair of Rx glasses, since it reduces eye strain and has easy to clean (super hydrophobic) properties. Comes with Standard lens option.

  3. Digital Light Protection is a precision engineered lens coating that can deflect a significant portion of harmful blue/violet light, leaving your eyes fresh, even after a long day at the office in front of a screen. Digital Light Protection also provides scratch resistant and anti-glare properties. Comes with Premium lens option.

  4. Transitions® lenses automatically lighten and darken to adjust to outdoor light conditions. This option is ideal for people who do not want to constantly switch back and forth between their prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses.

Find glasses that suit your face shape - Choices, choices, choices! How do you narrow down your options to only the frames that will make you look your best? Get free information on how to choose the best eyewear for you from the expert opticians Buying Prescription  Eyeglasses Online is Easy. All of our lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating, UV protection, and edge polish at no additional charge. Enhanced features can be added to your lenses if you choose the Standard or Premium lens options. Save money on ALL your eyewear needs at FramesDirect.com!


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